Police Car Demonstrator

Propane Dodge Charger Pursuit Police Demonstrator

KYPERC continues its efforts to provide the tools that Kentucky Propane Marketers need to expand their gallons.  We maintain two demonstration vehicles that are available for use by Kentucky Marketers.



The Dodge Charger Pursuit is a full factory specification police vehicle.   Equipped with a PRINS 2.0 dual fuel vapor system, it is ready to show to law enforcement fleets across Kentucky.


Our latest edition is a 2016 Dodge Ram SSV.  It is fitted with an ICOMM direct injection liquid propane system.  It is also an Emergency Responder specification vehicle, but can also be used to demonstrate for regular farm and business fleets.

Both vehicles have a strong visible presence and are equipped with strobe lights for displays, parades and open houses.

Kentucky Propane Marketers can request use of a vehicle for demonstrations through the KYPERC Office.  

Requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the requested usage dates.  All drivers requesting usage of the vehicle must provide a copy of their driving records along with the request form.  The Kentucky Driving Record may be requested at www.dhr.ky.gov  

Proof of Insurance, Signed copies of the Usage Request Form and Usage Policies Form must also be submitted.

The vehicle can demonstrate the installation and operation of a dual fuel vehicle.  There is no replacement for a hands on demonstration.  Contact the KYPERC office to find out the availability of the Charger and make an appointment with your local law enforcement agency.  See the forms linked below for all of the information and requirements. 

Propane Autogas:  The Power to Pursue


Driver's Record Request


  Marketer Usage Request

  Non-Marketer Usage Request

  Charger Operations