Autogas Information Center

Propane is the Third most used Motor Fuel in the World and the #1 Clean Alternative Energy Source for Motor Fuel.

The advantages are tremendous:

  • Dramatically Cleaner Emissions
  • Less Expensive Fuel
  • Longer Maintenance Intervals
  • OEM Manufacturer Support
  • Available Conversion of any Spark Ignited Engine
  • And much more...

Contact the KYPERC Office To Schedule Use of the Propane Police Charger or Pickup!

If you want to try propane AutoGas, nothing beats getting behind the wheel.  Our AutoGas powered Dodge Charger Pursuit is just the ticket.

If you are a local law enforcement agency representative or local elected official,contact us for a demonstration. 
You'll will find out what departments across the state have...nothing beats the savings and clean power of Autogas!












Our 2016 Dodge Ram SSV uses an iComm dual fuel liquid injection system to put propane power to the test.
Built to Emergency Service standards, the Ram SSV is becoming a favorite of law enforcement and fire departments.

It can also be used to demonstrate to local civilian fleets and landscape companies.  Equipped with emergency lights,
it makes an impression during road tests, static displays and parades.


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