VW Funding of Propane Buses

The General Assembly approved an allocation of $8.5 Million for new clean energy school buses to replace aging vehicles.

The funds will be dispersed through a grant program administered by the Energy and Environmental Cabinet. 

A 50/50 match will be required, yielding approximately 160 new school buses.  The buses to be replaced must be destroyed.  

The balance of the VW funds was divided beween transit buses and electric vehicle charging stations.   

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On October 26, 2016 the federal courts approved a settlement with VW over the diesel emissions scandal.  VW will establish and fund a $2.7 Billion environmental mitigation trust.

Kentucky will receive a pool of over $20 Million to lower the maximum amount of  NOx pollution at the most efficient cost by removing older diesels from the roads of the Commonwealth.  Propane buses emit 85% less NOx that the targeted diesel buses and have lower fuel and maintenance costs than new diesel buses. 

These funds will be received by the Commonwealth in late 2017.  The grant program will be operated by the Kentucky Division of Air Quality. 

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