2018 Safety & Incentive Rebates

2018 Propane Safe Appliance Rebate Funds have been depleted.

At this time, no additional funds are available.


The KY PERC 2018 Propane Appliance Safe Installation Rebate Program started January 1.  $110,0000 was allocated in the budget for this program.  Watch for announcements about the 2019 Rebate Program.  If you are a KENTUCKY Propane Marketer and would like to participate in this program you must have a signed marketer agreement sumbitted to the KY PERC office.  If you need an agreement please contact us at 502-223-5322 or 866-459-7372.  This program is OPEN to all KY Propane Marketers serving KY Consumers!

Very important reminders:

  • Original application forms must be submitted with proof of purchase and safety inspection record
  • Marketers and their agents ARE NOT eligible for this program
  • Purchases made prior to January 1, 2019, are not eligible
  • An applicant or marketer who submits false information is subject to criminal and civil penalties 
  • All applications must be mailed by the KY Propane Marketer to the KYPERC office located at 5932 Timber Ridge Drive, Suite 101, Prospect KY  40059

Appliances purchased in 2018 will not be eligible for the 2019 Program.

This program offers consumers, builders, and PHVAC contractors:

  • $300 for the safety-checked installation of a propane water heater in new construction or that replaces an electric water heater
  • $150 rebate toward the safety-checked installation of a propane water heater to replace an existing propane water heater
  • $150 toward the safety-checked installation of a propane range or cooktop in new construction or that replaces an electric range or cook top
  • $300 toward the safety-checked installation of a domestic propane clothing dryer in new construction or that replaces a domestic electric clothing dryer
  • $600 rebate toward the replacement of an electric or oil primary heating system or the installation of a propane primary heating system in new construction

The maximum rebate per customer location is $1,050.00. Funding is limited, and the program will terminate when the designated monies are depleted. Old rebate forms will not be accepted for the 2019 installation rebate program.

Specific guidelines and requirements for the program are included in the enclosed agreement.  If you wish to participate in the 2019 program, you must sign, and return a marketer agreement to the KYPERC office at your earliest convenience. Once your agreement is received, we will send the rebate application materials to you. Your company will not be eligible to participate in the program without a signed agreement on file in the KYPERC office. If you have multiple locations, each location must submit an agreement. We will be happy to send a marketer agreement form to any KENTUCY marketer SERVING KY CONSUMERS.

Funds will be dispersed on a first-come, first-served basis; check www.choosepropane.org for the current balance of available funds. For any specific concerns or questions regarding the program, please contact us.

2018 Propane OEM Mower Rebates (Budget $5,000.00)

The KY Propane Education Council has inaugurated a new rebate program for OEM Propane Mowers.  Mowers must be a commercial type with a cost of over $5,000.  Rebates of $1,000 are available for New OEM Commercial Propane Mowers and $750.00 for EPA Certified Conversion of Eligible Mower to Propane. Maximum of Three Units Rebates Allowed Per Recipient.  As with the appliance rebate, all rebate documentation must come through and be sent in by the participating propane marketer. Funds are limited for this program.  Marketers are urged to ensure that funds are still available prior to marketing the rebate to a customer.  Additional Rebate funds may be available from National PERC. www.propanecouncil.org