Welcome to the Kentucky Propane Education & Resource Council Information Center

Our mission is to provide education and training to consumers, installation professionals, Industry members and first responders about the opportunities available with Propane. 

For home comfort, propane delivers the warmth and convenience that you want for your family.

For commercial applications, whether for space heating, grain drying, industrial power, lift trucks and more, Propane is the North American fuel for energy independence.  


Propane: The Road to America's Energy Future...Today


Rebate Funds Available

National PERC Announces Autogas Nozzle Rebates

NPERC has announced a program to help fund conversions to the snap connect fueling nozzle and upgrade of fuel receivers on fleet vehicles.  For more information, click HERE.
Propane Safe Appliance Rebate Funds Available:

The 2016 Propane Safe Appliance Installation Rebate Program is up and running. We cannot accept appliances purchased in 2015. Click here for more information!

Propane OEM Commercial Mower Rebate Funds Available:
Click here for more information.

Marketers are urged to check this space regularly for updates.
More information on participation in the rebate programs is available under the "Industry" tab above.

Free Labor Law Posters

All employers are required to display federal and state labor law posters advising employees of their rights under the law.  Many companies will try to get you to spend hundreds of dollars for laminated posters, guaranteeing that their product will keep you in compliance.  What they don't tell you is that all of these posters are available for free from the government.  All you have to do is print them off and hang them up to be in compliance.  Click HERE to link to the free posters.

Weekly Update of Propane Pricing & Inventories

Each week the U.S. Energy Administration publishes a report on pricing and inventories for a variety of energies.


Consumer Information

What is Propane?
For over 100 years propane has been warming and powering America.  Now one of the most widely used fuels in the world, learn all about it.

Tankless Water Heaters
Water heating is one of the biggest users of energy.  Tankless water heaters only work "on demand."  If no hot water is called for, the unit is not burning fuel.  When hot water is called for, the unit immediately begins to supply a nearly endless supply.  These units can be used in residences and by staging multiple units in commercial applications as well.  But how do they work?  Click the link to find out how.

Video Library
The video library contains a number of short video assets for marketers to use when talking to potential customers.

KPERC Calendar of EVENTS

CETP Basic Principles & Training - Lexington
July 19-20, 2016
CETP GAS Check Inspection Program - Lexington
Thursday, July 21, 2016
CETP Appliance Installation 4.3 - Princeton
July 26-28, 2016
CETP Basic Principles & Training - Somerset
August 9-10, 2016
CETP GAS Check Inspection Program - Somerset
Thursday, August 11, 2016
CETP Basic Principles & Training - Princeton
August 16-17, 2016
CETP GAS Check Inspection Program - Princeton
Thursday, August 18, 2016
CETP Basic Propane Delivery Operations & Bobtail Training - Somerset
August 23-25, 2016
CETP Basic Propane Delivery Operations & Bobtail Training - Princeton
August 30 - September 1, 2016


Marketer Opportunities

Police Car Demonstrator
 A Dodge Charger police demonstrator is now available to KY Marketers.  For more information, click on the Industry tab above.

Home Builders

KYPERC continues to build its relationship with the home construction community.  All Marketers are urged to join and actively participate with their local chapter.

Marketer Resources
The Propane Marketer Resource Catalog (MaRC) has dozens of items to help Marketers, many available for free download.  KY Marketers can place their orders through KYPERC and receive a discount on all purchases.  Contact us to find out more.

CETP Training
The 2015 CETP Training schedule will be available in March.  Check back!

Incentive & Rebate Programs
The 2015 Propane Safe Appliance Installation Rebate Program  and Propane Commercial mower incentive programs are in full swing. 

Propane AutoGas
Propane motor fuel markets are expanding rapidly.  Whether for School Buses, Government/Commercial Fleets or off road uses like commercial mowing, Propane is the smart answer.

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